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"Be In Your Element"


    Here at EA we do understand that not everyone is a professional athlete preparing for "The Championship". Instead, we understand that many of our members have full time jobs in fields other than sports and/or fitness.

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    Sports training to better improve your function and movement in a variety of sporting applications.

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    Come and take a tour of our facility and learn about our memberships as well as 8 days of free fitness, punch cards and daily passes.

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"The Hybrid of Fitness"

EA is a 8820' sq ft family wellness center located in Meridian, Idaho at 501 E Scenery Lane. Here at EA we feel that every person that walks through our doors has the potential to become a better, more coordinated and well-rounded athlete regardless of age. Just make our cutting edge training methods and lifestyle practices part of your everyday routine!

It is our goal here at EA to teach people of all ages help to move better, look better and feel better. Utilizing our complete style of programming called "Hybrid Fitness" our member athletes will have all the tools they need to build a foundation that will allow them to live not only a more confident life, but a safer and healthier one at that!

"HYBRID-FITNESS" A combination of "Loaded Movement" and "Impact Sports" training that forces the athletes body and mind to change in many different ways.

By living the "Element lifestyle" you WILL get into the best shape you've ever been in hands down! So start living better and make Element Athletix part of your life!