Here at EA we do understand that not everyone is a professional athlete preparing for "The Championship".
Instead, we understand that many of our members have full time jobs in fields other than sports and/or fitness.

EA is about finding the athlete within! Teaching everyone from all walks of life to perform better is our sole objective here at EA! We want average person to feel like they can do anything outside of our facility because of what they do inside if it. Working hard and challenging yourself with our unique programming/classes is the key to success at Element Athletix!

K2 Class

20 stations... 20 people... first come first serve! This is a high intensity interval training class that takes place on the Ultimate Training Center K2... The most revolutionary piece if group fitness equipment in the industry!

Hybrid-fit Class

This class is about "Loaded Movement". Challenge yourself with different types of functional and primitive movement patterns along with the added resistance of today's most effective training equipment.

Ultimate TRX All-Sport Improvement

Whatever your activity or sport is; this pulse pounding, body pumping class will definitely improve your functional strength and stability while providing you with the full range of motion while under tension. This is very important when wanting to both, perform efficiently on one hand and reduce the risk of injury when playing at "speed of sport" on the other.

Youth All-Sport Improvement Training:

Youth All-Sport Improvement Training. This program/class is for any youth ages 9 to 14 yrs old that wants to perform better in his or her chosen sport or just simply become more athletic. See improvements in speed, acceleration, agility, explosiveness, stamina, functional strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination.

Family Fun-Fit:

We want you to think TEAM on this one! This class was designed with the thought that fitness and exercise should be both fun and safe for all members of your family to enjoy! Parents help their children with the guidance of the class coach. Whether holding your 3 year old's hand while going over or around an obstacle, or you are performing jumping jacks together, working together a d supporting each other will always be the theme of this fun and satisfying Family Fun-fit class!

Hybrid-fit Junior/Play:

This class is for 3 to 5 year olds, in which the coach will utilize simple foundation movements along with basic exercises and animal movements using only the individuals body weight. Everything from tumbling, running, jumping along with high energy and a lot of fun! The whole class is based around providing a fitness foundation for our kids to take with them as they grow.





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